Family, Collaborative Law, Mediation and Litigation

VB Law LLC is dedicated to providing experienced, compassionate, and cost-effective advocacy in all family law matters.  Our clients benefit from our thorough understanding and experience with collaborative law, mediation, and traditional litigation.  While no two family law cases are exactly alike, VB Law LLC can evaluate your case and help you decide which approach is best suited for your unique circumstances.

Collaborative law is a legal process that assists in an extensive range of family issues without the threat of litigation. In this procedure, a separate collaboratively trained attorney represents each side to provide advice and understanding in the joint effort to settle all issues bringing in a team of financial neutrals, child specialists, divorce coaches, etc. as needed to resolve the disputes. The benefits of this approach are to reduce conflicts while providing legal, emotional and financial direction and resolution to each party.

Unlike the collaborative law process, in mediation, both parties meet together, typically without attorneys, with a neutral party (the mediator), who will help negotiate a settlement. A mediator has no power to make decisions regarding your case, nor give legal advice.

Traditional litigation involves the filing of the case, the discovery process, court appearances and trial if settlement cannot be reached.  Unlike the collaborative process and mediation,  the litigation process typically takes longer, is more expensive and fails to reduce conflict between parties and families but often is the only option available when you have an uncooperative and aggressive opposing party.

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